Viewing Workspace Activities

This article is for:

  • Workspace Admins

Activities provides a list of actions performed in a workspace. You can see everything from users signing in to admins changing workspace settings. Activities are arranged with the most recent actions at the top and the oldest at the bottom.

Viewing Activities

When viewing workspace activities, you can filter workspace activities by date. Select both a start and end date to see activities for a specific date range.

To view activities in a workspace:

Click Settings in the Workspace Switcher. Workspace Activities
Click the Activities tab. View Activities

By default, you’ll see the first 100 activities in a workspace. You can scroll down to load and see more activities. Scroll to the right to see additional activity details, such as time and IP address.

Export Activities

You can export activities to a .csv if you need to do additional filtering or share activity data.

To export workspace activities:

From Activities, click Export.
Enter both a start and end date.
If needed, set a username or activity filters to narrow your export.
Click Export.
Export Workspace Activities