Switching from Accounts to Workspaces

In this guide, we’ll cover the basics of switching from managing settings in Account Admin to administering your company's connected workspaces using Organization Admin and Workspace Settings.

  • The difference between an organization and workspaces
  • Which settings can be found at the organization vs. workspace level
  • What settings workspace admins and organization admins can change

Managing Workspaces

What is a workspace?

Workspaces let you create separate places in Wdesk for departments or teams to collaborate. They are how you organize teams and files into secure, controlled spaces. An example is SEC and SOX teams each having their own, individual workspaces.


What settings are at the workspace level?

At the workspace level, Workspace Admins can:

Workspace Settings

Organization Admin

What is an organization?

An organization connects all workspaces at your company. Everyone belongs to the organization but may only be members of some workspaces.

At the organization level, there are two types of admins – Organization User Admins and Organization Security Admins. They can manage all users and workspaces in one central location.


What settings are at the organization level?

Organization Admins can access organization settings by clicking their name in the lower left corner and choosing organization admin.

Access Organization Admin

Organization User Admins can:

Organization Security Admins can: