Inviting Members to a Workspace

This article is for:

  • Workspace Admins

Basics of Inviting Members

Workspace admins and organization admins can invite members to a workspace to collaborate on documents.

Any user in your organization can be invited to a workspace. If you can’t find them, you may need to have an organization user admin add them as a user. Organization User Admins can create users and invite them from Workspace Settings.

When you invite a member to a workspace, they are added to the All Users group in that workspace. From there, you can update a member’s role or add them to groups.

Invite a New Member

To invite someone to a workspace:

In the top left, click the People icon.
On the Members tab, click Invite to Workspace and then select Invite from your organization. Invite a New Member
Find the people you’d like to add by searching or scrolling through the member list and then check the box next to the member’s name.
Click Add to Workspace.

You can select to hide existing workspaces members to help with searching and filtering for people. After you invite a member to a workspace, you can then update their roles or groups.

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