Spreadsheets offers features beyond Workbooks, such as real-time collaboration and authorship tracking. See Introduction to Spreadsheets for full details.

Save a Workbook

Exporting to Excel

To export your workbook data into a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, first open the workbook. On the File tab, click Save As, and select XLSX.

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The XLSX Export Options box appears, where you can choose whether to export the entire document, or sections:

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If you choose Include selected Section(s): the box will expand to display the sections of your workbook:

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You can choose which sections you wish to include in your export, then click OK.

A progress bar will appear - depending on how large your document is, this process may take several minutes or more. When it is complete, you will receive this notification:

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Click OK. You will be prompted to choose the location for your exported spreadsheet.

Set Print Area

You can set the print area for a section that will carry over to your XLSX export.

Click and drag in your workbook section to select the cells to set the print area on. Click the Print Area button on the File tab. It will display the cells you've selected. Choose Set if the selection is correct. You can also Hide the selection from here, or Clear it if you're done with it.

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After you select Set, you'll get a confirmation box. Click OK.

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Alternately, you can select the XLSX Export tab from the Section Properties menu (available via the right-click menu on the section name) or from the File Tab, by clicking the Properties button, and choosing Section Properties.

You can manually enter in the cell range in the Current Print Area box or use the Set Print Area to Current Selection. Selecting the Set Print Area to Current Selection will use the previously selected cell range as the print area.

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The set print area will be visible in the workbook by a dotted line surrounding the selected cells.

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NOTE: Setting the print area does not allow you to actually print the workbook from within the application. It is merely for the XLSX exports.

Save a Workbook as PDF

To save a Workbook as a PDF, navigate to the File tab and click Save As, then choose PDF. Workbooks with content that does not fit on a single page will generate left to right, then down. You can change the Print Area of the PDF in Section Properties.