Spreadsheets offers features beyond Workbooks, such as real-time collaboration and authorship tracking. See Introduction to Spreadsheets for full details.

Conditional Formatting

Conditional Formatting highlights data in a workbook so that you can identify key points at a glance. Custom Formatting allows you to apply color, bold, italic, underline, or strikethrough to cells based on conditions you can predetermine.

Creating Rules

In your workbook, select the cells you wish to add formatting to. Cells can be contiguous, or you can hold down the Ctrl key and select individual cells to apply rules to. With your cells selected, on the Edit tab, click the Conditions button. Select Add New Rule.

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In the Conditional Rules window, you will be able to set the logic for your conditional formatting. You can set conditions based on cell value, date, or a formula.

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Depending on your selection, you may choose to apply formatting when a certain value is above or below a threshold, before or after a certain date, based on a custom formula, or from one of the other available options.

TIP: You can set a condition based on text by choosing Cell Value and entering your text between quotation marks.

You can add more conditions to a rule using the New Condition button, allowing you to create complex conditions for your formatting.

NOTE: The order of conditions does affect their usage. Make sure they are in the order you want operations to occur, or you may not achieve expected results.

In this example of a custom formula, when the cell B2 has a value greater than 4 (A), cell B3 will have a red fill (B) and display in bold text (C).

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Managing Rules

After formatting rules have been created, you can manage them from the Manage Rules window under the Conditions menu. Here, you can see the rules applied to your current selection or to the entire table and add, remove, or edit them. You can switch between viewing rules for your selection or the entire table using the Show selector at the bottom of the window.

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