Spreadsheets offers features beyond Workbooks, such as real-time collaboration and authorship tracking. See Introduction to Spreadsheets for full details.

Comments in Workbooks

Comments can be added to individual cells and groups of cells in workbooks. Multiple cell comments can be anchored to a single cell.

Adding Comments in Workbooks

To add a comment in a workbook, select the cell or group of cells desired. Choose the Add Comment icon in the toolbar or right click and choose Add Comment.

The comment panel will open in the panel to the right. Text can be added here or copied in from another document. Comments can be accessed at any time using the vertical tab to the right of the panel.

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Directed Comments in Workbooks

When adding a comment, you can direct a comment to another user by using @ and the user's name. The tag @here will notify all users in the comment thread. Once a user has been mentioned, comments can be filtered for specific users and groups.

When a directed comment is created, the user(s) tagged in the comment receive an email from Wdesk. Clicking the link in the email takes them directly to the comment they were mentioned in.

Managing Workbook Comments

You can also cancel, post, edit, resolve, and delete comments for workbooks in the comment panel. Note that you cannot move workbook comments once they have been created. If multiple cells have been selected, the top left cell will serve as the anchor cell, indicated by the light blue triangle outline in the upper right hand corner.

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