Keyboard Shortcuts

short cuts

The following shortcuts are designed for Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome. Shortcuts in parentheses are for Internet Explorer only.

Shortcut Description Use
CTRL + A Select All Document, Table, Spreadsheets
CTRL + C Copy Document, Table, Spreadsheets
CTRL + V Paste Document, Table, Spreadsheets
CTRL + X Cut Document, Table, Spreadsheets
CTRL + Z (CTRL+ALT+Z) Undo Document, Table, Spreadsheets
CTRL + Y Redo Document, Table, Spreadsheets
CTRL + ; Makes current selection a source link in text Document, Table
CTRL + I (CTRL+ALT+I) Applies or removes Italicize Document, Table, Spreadsheets
CTRL + B (CTRL+ALT+B) Applies or removes Bold Document, Table, Spreadsheets
CTRL + U (CTRL+ALT+U) Applies or removes Underline Document, Table
CTRL + S Save Document, Table
CTRL + F Find and Replace Document, Table
CTRL + ALT + A Applies R-tag Document, Table, Mutual Funds
CTRL + ALT + H Highlight Document, Table
CTRL + ALT + R Toggle Track Changes Document, Table
CTRL + ALT + 8 Show Non-Printing Characters Document, Table
CTRL + ALT + C Add Comment Document, Table
CTRL + ALT + > Next Comment Document, Table
CTRL + ALT + < Previous Comment Document, Table
CTRL + > Next change Document, Table
CTRL + < Previous change Document, Table
F2 Change selected XBRL outline label XBRL Outline
F4 Anchors cells in formula preventing shifting when pasting to another location Document, Table
CTRL + ALT + 4 Open Document Properties Document, Table
CTRL + ALT + S Share Document Document & Table
CTRL + ALT + O Open Document Document & Table
CTRL + ENTER Insert Page Break Document
CTRL + SHIFT + SPACE Insert Non-Breaking Space Document
CTRL + ENTER Page Break Document
CTRL + ALT + 2 Format Paragraph Document
CTRL + ALT + 3 Format Section Document
CTRL + ALT + N Navigate to section Document
CTRL + SPACE Select Entire Column Table, Spreadsheets
SHIFT + SPACE Select Entire Row Table, Spreadsheets
CTRL + SHIFT + S Alternate Row Colors Table
CTRL + ARROW Move to End of Series Table
CTRL + SHIFT + ARROW Extend Selection to End of Series Table
CTRL + D Insert Dollar Sign in Table Table
CTRL + SHIFT + M Split Cells in Table Table
Delete Clear Cells in a Table or Spreadsheet, Delete Selected XBRL outline Table, Spreadsheets, XBRL Outline
CTRL + M Merge cells Table
CTRL + ALT + T Insert Table Table
CTRL + ALT + 1 Format Cell Table
CTRL + ALT + C Insert Comment Table
CTRL + ALT + < Previous Comment Table
CTRL + ALT + > Next Comment Table
Hold CTRL Temporarily Disables Snap Guidelines Presentations
UP/RIGHT/PAGE DOWN Navigate to Previous Slide Presentations
DOWN/LEFT/PAGE UP Navigate to Next Slide Presentations
Arrow Move Asset by 1 Pixel Presentations
CTRL + Arrow Move Asset by 10 Pixels Presentations
CTRL + SHIFT + UP Inflate Asset Height by 2 Pixels Presentations
CTRL + SHIFT + DOWN Deflate Asset Height by 2 Pixels Presentations
CTRL + SHIFT + LEFT Inflate Asset Width by 2 Pixels Presentations
CTRL + SHIFT + RIGHT Deflate Asset Width by 2 Pixels Presentations
CTRL + ~ Toggles all formulas in a Spreadsheet on/off Spreadsheets
CTRL + ARROW KEY Quickly navigate a spreadsheet Spreadsheets
F2 Edits the active cell and positions the insertion point at the end of the cell contents Spreadsheets
SHIFT+ENTER Completes a cell entry and selects the cell above Spreadsheets
F4 Cycles through the various combinations of absolute and relative references Spreadsheets
SHIFT+ARROW KEY Extends the selection of cells by one cell Spreadsheets
CTRL+SPACEBAR Selects an entire column in a datatable Spreadsheets
TAB Moves one cell to the right in a sheet Spreadsheets
SHIFT+TAB Moves to the previous cell in a sheet Spreadsheets
CTRL+SHIFT+" Copies the value from the cell above the active cell into the cell or the Formula Bar Spreadsheets
CTRL+' Copies a formula from the cell above the active cell into the cell or the Formula Bar Spreadsheets
CTRL+SHIFT+R Copies the contents and format of the leftmost cell of a selected range into the cells to the right Spreadsheets
ALT+SHIFT+F1 Insert new sheet Spreadsheets
SHIFT+F11 Insert new sheet Spreadsheets
CTRL+SHIFT+N Creates a new, blank datatable Spreadsheets
CTRL+ALT+PgUp Switches between sheets (Up) Spreadsheets
CTRL+ALT+PgDn Switches between sheets (Down) Spreadsheets
CTRL+ARROW KEY Moves to the edge of the current data region in a sheet Spreadsheets
CTRL+SHIFT+ARROW KEY Extends the selection of cells to the last nonblank cell in the same column or row as the active cell Spreadsheets
CTRL+5 Applies or removes strikethrough Spreadsheets