Wdesk Account Access Overview

This article describes the policies and procedures that the Workiva team uses when adding Workiva Support Users* to a customer account. Please review this document before your initial training.

If you have any concerns with the policies and procedures outlined in this document, please discuss them with your Customer Success Manager (CSM).

General Customer Support

After contract signing, the next step is creation of the customer’s corporate account completed by our Customer Success Directors (CSDs) or the CSD’s delegate. At the time of account creation, the only Workiva Support Users granted access are the Workiva CSM and Onboarding Project Manager (if applicable).

These Support Users are added to facilitate initial setup and customer training. It is customary for the CSM to retain their membership in the customer account for support purposes, but this is the decision of the customer. The corporate administrator may remove any Support user using the Wdesk Administration.

Additional Workiva Support

All User Admins have access to a queue of Workiva Support Users who may be added to the account when necessary. These Support Users are available to provide our customers with world-class support and meet our customers’ business objectives. Support Users include members and partners of our Support, Customer Success, and Services teams.

Workiva may add Support Users to customer accounts, to ensure an agile and efficient delivery of contracted services** and support. In the event a Support User is needed, he or she will be added to the account by the CSM, a CSD, the CSD’s delegate, or a Professional Services Manager***.

The customer corporate administrator(s) will receive an automated notification email anytime a Workiva Support User is added to the account. The email includes information about who made the change and who was added to the account.

Additionally, account access changes are captured in the Activities section of Administration settings. The activities will detail who added the user, who was added, when the change was made, and the IP address of the change. For more details on how to access this information, please visit help for Administration.

* All Workiva Support Users have a unique user ID and use two-factor authentication and single sign-on. All Workiva Support Users have passed background check requirements.

** Due to the integrated nature of the Wdesk platform and features, Workiva Support Users must be added to the account to perform contracted services.

*** To ensure separation of duties and authorization, Workiva Support Users and employees are prohibited from adding themselves to accounts. Adding a Support User requires action from at least two persons. Support User memberships can be set to expire after a defined amount of time.