Project Permissions

Controlling Project Access

By setting project-level permissions, you can determine who has access to view or make changes to the project and then apply further permissions as necessary. This layering of permissions can be useful in differentiating access to specific filings across multiple individuals or teams.

It is important to note that project permissions do not apply to all documents in the project — Wdesk documents such as 10Qs, 8Ks, Exhibits, and Workbooks in a project do not inherit a project's permissions, and must be set separately through document permissions. Generated and uploaded files will inherit project permissions.

You can also set default project permissions at the account level. New projects will use these default permissions on creation.

If you need to roll forward from one year to the next, use the Project Copy feature to do this in Admin to maintain all the permissions. Information on Project copy can be found in the following articles: Roll Forward a Project and Rolling Forward a Project with XBRL.

Project Permissions in Home

To edit project permissions in Home, right-click the project you'd like to modify and choose Permissions. In the window that appears, choose the user or group you'd like to modify, and select the desired permission level. When a user or group is added to a project from Home, there is an option to notify collaborators that they have access. To remove a user or group, highlight the user or group and click the X to the right of their name.

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Saving as a Permissions Set

If you want to reuse your existing project's permissions in another project, you can save your permissions as a set. Permissions sets are a collection of group and user level permissions granted to a project or document which you can save and apply to other appropriate projects or documents.

The Save as Permissions Set button allows you to add a new permissions set to reuse again later. To apply this new set, click the Edit Permissions button from the Project Permissions dialog box and select it from the Choose a Permissions Set drop-down in the top right.

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Project Permissions in Wdesk

To edit project permissions in Wdesk, open the project. From the Projects panel, click the Project Properties icon.

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Under the Permissions tab in the Project Properties dialog box, you can see current user permissions. To edit permissions, click the Edit Permissions button.

In the Edit Permissions window, you can assign permissions to any user or group with access to the project by selecting the desired permission level from the drop-down menu next to each group or user.

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You can also add new groups and users to a project with the Add Permission button. You can then assign permissions from the Edit Permissions window.