Working with the Projects Panel

From the Projects tab on the right panel, you can manage and organize the files used in your projects.

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Understanding Project Properties

As your filing project progresses, you may need to rename a project or change certain details included in the filing information. To do this, click the Project Properties icon to open the dialog box.

At the top of the dialog box, you can change the project name or submission type if needed. The first tab is Account Settings. These settings would usually not be changed here, but you are able to check them if needed.

The next tab is the Filing Settings, which allows you to choose your Submission package, Period End Date, and Target Filing Date for the project. Under the XBRL Settings tab, you can choose your taxonomy and set your XBRL Prefix and Namespace.

Under the Permissions tab, you can set project permissions, edit permissions, or access the Advanced Permissions Editor. Once you have modified your Project Properties as appropriate, choose the Close button.

Managing Your Project

If you need to save your project locally, you can download your project as an XML file. You can do this by clicking Export Project and choosing your desired export options, such as whether to include comments or if you'd like to export documents created during the filing process, then clicking Export Project in the dialog box.

Packaging your project may take several minutes, depending on the number of files in your project. Once your project has been packaged, you will need to choose a location on your computer for the .zip file.

Choosing the Create Project icon will bring up the Create New Project Wizard. The Validate Project icon will allow you to run several types of validation on your project to ensure the integrity of data and links. The Get Project URL icon copies to URL to a clipboard so that you can paste it in another location.

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When XBRL is on, you can click the Refresh XBRL Validation Results button to show any changes in the validation log associated with your project.

The Download Project icon opens the Download Project dialog box and allows you to download your project or selected sections of your project as a single PDF or as a .zip file containing separate PDFs of individual documents. PDF options include Show Comments, Show Tracked Changes, Show SEC Revision (R-tag) Highlighting, and Create Publish Ready PDF.

The Freeze Project Documents icon locks down a project so that no further edits can be made. If a user attempts to make edits, a warning will display. Only account admins can thaw a frozen project.

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To refresh your project, use the Refresh Project icon in the upper right-hand corner of the Project panel.

Organizing Project Files

If you need to add a new folder, click the Add Folder icon, then drag the new folder that appears to the correct position in the outline. Right-click the folder, choose Rename from the drop-down menu, type the new name, and then click Rename in the dialog box.

To remove a folder, select the folder you want to remove and click Remove Folder icon, then confirm to remove the folder. Removing a folder also removes any documents contained in that folder.

If you want to add a document in Wdesk to your project, click the Add Document icon. Then choose Upload, Add Existing or Create New. To add a file from your computer to your project, click Upload New File and browse to the file, then select it and click Open.

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If you are unsure whether your file is an accepted file type, contact your CSM. Depending on the file name, Wdesk might prompt you to allow a change to the filename to comply with EDGAR filename requirements. Click Accept Name Change. You can also rename it after you upload it by right-clicking it in the Projects tab.

If you choose Add Existing, the File Manager dialog box will open. Select the document you want to add, and then click Include. Drag the document to the appropriate folder. If you choose Create New, the Create New Document dialog box will open.

If you need to remove a document from your project, select the document you want to remove and click Remove Document. The removed file can still be found through Home. For more information about projects and folders in Home, see Wdesk Home - Working with Files.

You can generate a PDF of your current project by clicking the PDF icon in the Documents subtab. In the PDF Options dialog box, select the check boxes for the features you want included in the PDF and the documents to be included.

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Workbooks are not included in PDF files even if you select them. You can change the document order by selecting a document and clicking Move Up or Move Down. The final icons allow you to Expand All or Collapse All of the folders in your project.