Working with Files

Importing Documents in Home

To import documents in Home, select Import from the Create menu in the upper left-hand corner of Home and then choose from Document or Project; PowerPoint; Word; or From SEC files. This will launch Wdesk and a prompt to select your files.

Creating Files in Home

To create a file in Home, select the Create option in the upper left corner of the screen. Doing so will display a list of file types that can be created. Choosing one of these file types will create that file. Only file types that you have access to in Wdesk will be displayed in the Create drop-down list.

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When you right-click on a document name in Home you will have the option to rename your document. After renaming, choose the checkmark to accept.

You can also create Projects. Once you select Project, the process is the same as usual in Wdesk. To add files to your project, you can use the Project Panel in Wdesk.

Creating Folders in Home

To create a folder in Home, click the Create button in the upper left corner of the screen and select Folder from the drop-down menu.

A new folder will be added to the file list. You can then give the folder a name and select the check mark icon to finish. Selecting the X icon will cancel the create folder action.

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Moving Files and Folders in Home

Files and folders can be moved in Home by selecting the checkbox to the left of the file(s) or folder(s) in the file grid and then selecting the Move option.

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Doing so will display a window that contains the folder tree in your account. Select the folder you want the selected item(s) to be moved to and select the Move button.

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Uploading Files in Home

Uploading files to Wdesk is helpful when you want to keep backups of documents or store files. Additionally, you can use file uploads to share items with team members.

To upload files from Home, select the Files tab and click the Upload icon. This opens a file browser dialog where you can select files on your computer. Select the file you’d like to upload and then click Open. The selected file is then uploaded to Wdesk.

Uploading Files

To download uploaded files, click the file name. This opens a new tab where you can download the file by clicking a link.