Wdesk Home Overview

Wdesk Home allows you to access and organize all your Wdesk files and activities in one place. After you sign in, you'll see Wdesk Home, showing a list of the most recently opened files.

NOTE: You'll only see files you have access to based on your permissions.

Navigating Around Home

After you sign in, you'll land in Home — the central location for all your documents, files, and activities. In Home, you can find:

  • Recent Files
  • Tasks
  • Comments

WDesk Home

Other solutions may be listed in the left menu depending on your access and licensing.

To learn more about tasks, see Creating and Assigning Tasks.

Finding Your Files

Files allows you to access and organize your files from a single place. You’ll see all the files you have permission to access. In Files, you can find:

  • All Files
  • Recent Files
  • Projects
  • Trash

Recent Files contains a list of the files you’ve recently opened. This is helpful to keep track of the items you last worked on.

WDesk Home

When you are viewing All Files or Projects, you can sort the columns by Name, Type, and Last Modified by clicking the column title.

Searching in Home

You can search for files by selecting the search box in the upper right corner of Home and typing in a search term. The search will look for any matches within the file title, including file type.

As you type, the results are displayed in a list below the search box. The results list is updated as you continue to search. Selecting the enter key will execute the search and display the results in the main file grid. Clicking on any of the results from the results list will open that file.

In the example below, "10Q" was typed in the search box, displaying all available options for that search:


Opening Files in Home

To open a file, click on the name of the file. The file will open in a new browser tab or browser window, depending on your web browser settings.

If you already have Wdesk open in another browser tab or window, any subsequent classic files you open from will open in the existing tab or window.

To view Wdesk files on your mobile device using the mobile app, see Wdesk Mobile Overview.