Using Folders or Projects

You'll see both folders and projects in the next generation of Wdesk. In this guide, you'll learn what to use when and how to use them.

Using Folders

Folders are available in every workspace and are the preferred way to organize files. For example, you might put all quarterly filing documents, spreadsheets, and presentations in a 10-Q Filing folder.

You'll see all folders in your workspace by going to Files > All Files from the Home menu.

  • Folders under All Files lists all the folders, projects, and files in your workspace.

  • Subfolders created by anyone in the workspace, such as a 10-Q Filing folder, are listed under Folders.

  • Right-click a folder and select New Subfolder to create more folders to organize files.

Use folders to organize files

Using Projects

Do not use projects to organize, find, work with files, or for a filing. Use folders to organize files and use the Filing option in your workspace to work with a financial filing.

  • Projects can be created in the next generation of Wdesk when you transition or copy a Classic Project to the next generation of Wdesk.

  • You can put projects in folders to keep them organized with other filing materials. You cannot put folders in projects.

For example, after creating your 10-Q filing, move the related project to your 10-Q Filing folder to keep it with the other files.

Put projects into folders

What about Filings?

Next generation Filing walks you through each necessary step, from collecting documents to live filing. When you create a filing in the next generation of Wdesk, you add all the files and information needed for that filing right in the Filing steps. It no longer begins with a project.

To create a new filing or work with an existing one, go to Filing from the options on the left in your workspace. Then create a new filing or select an existing one from the dropdown menu. The Filing steps walk you through what to do next.

Go to Filing in your workspace to create or continue filings

When to Use Folders or Projects

Classic Files in Wdesk uses:

  • Projects and Folders to organize, find, and work with files
  • Projects to roll forward files
  • Projects for filing

Next generation Files in Wdesk uses:

  • Folders to organize, find, and work with files
  • Folders to roll forward files
  • Filings to create and continue a filing

Best Practices

Here are some tips for using folders and projects in a typical quarter.

Organizing files:

  • If you're not already, start using folders to organize all content in Wdesk (including projects).

  • We recommend creating a primary folder for all your documents that you work with in a quarter. Within the primary folder, you can organize documents and filings into subfolders to make similar files easy to find.

  • Name folders with a special character (*'!) so they appear at the top of the folders list.


  • Include "filing" in the name of next generation filings to help easily identify them from Classic projects and filings created in Wdesk.

  • Use only Classic Projects and Classic files when with the Classic Filing Wizard.

  • Use only the next generation of Wdesk files organized in folders with next generation Filing.

Rolling forward files:

  • Use the folder created from the transition to roll forward documents. Do not create a new project.

  • Rename the folder created from the transition so it's easy to find, such as Primary Roll-Forward Folder or Quarterly Roll-Forward Folder.

  • If you created additional next generation files that you want to include when rolling forward, add them to the folder you are using to roll forward files.

Examples of best practices

We are working to improve how you organize and manage Wdesk files. Check out our Community for what's new. Have some comments? Send us your feedback.

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