Managing Permissions in Home

In Home, you can manage permissions for all of your documents, workbooks, presentations, and spreadsheets.

Permission Levels

Permissions determine the level of editing available to collaborators and groups. A document Owner determines access for collaborators. Generally, document permissions are set early in the process, but they can be changed at any point.

There are three permission levels that can be assigned to collaborators:

  • Owners have full rights to the document and can manage permissions.

  • Editors can make changes to the document.

  • Viewers can view a document but cannot make any changes.

Updating Permissions in Home

To update files permissions in Home:

Find the document you'd like to modify.
Right-click and select Permissions. Click Permissions
Find a collaborator or group by entering their name in the search field.
Select the radio button for the desired permission level for a collaborator or group. Assign Permissions

You can also access permissions by clicking the drop-down arrow on the right side, then selecting Permissions.

Access Permissions

Removing a Collaborator or Group

To remove a collaborator or group, hover over the collaborator or group and click the X to the right.

Remove Permissions