Creating Projects

Projects are used for housing Classic Documents or collecting items when using the Classic Filing Wizard.

You will need the following information to create a project:

  • Company information used in the filing.

  • Financial documents that will be included in the filing, such as a 10-Q and exhibits.

  • External files, such as Word or Excel documents, that contain supporting information and are stored as part of a project, but are not filed.

Using the Create New Project Wizard

The Create New Project wizard guides you through naming and creating a project, including details such as period end date and target filing date. On the File tab, click Create then select Project. New projects are automatically available to all users with permission,but any changes you make will not be shared until you click the Share button in Wdesk.

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Classifying the Project

You'll need to classify what type of project you are creating. For all SEC file types, choose the project type that matches your form type. For projects that will not be filed, choose the type Other. A filing project is used to associate documents, exhibits, graphics, and other files that will be submitted to the SEC. A non-filing project is used to temporarily associate files for a project with a specific end date and is not submitted to the SEC.

If you've chosen a filing project, next select the Period End Date and Target Report Date (you can click Back or the appropriate step in the list to change the date).

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Review the Project

Review the Project Creation Summary, and then click Create Project.

After you click Create Project, Wdesk creates the new project and displays it in the Projects tab of the right panel.

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