Creating Copies of Files

This article is for:

  • Workspace Admins
  • Account Admins

Basics of Copying Files

By default copying files or projects is only available for Workspace Admins. To enable Copy for all users, contact

You can create copies of files to make a duplicate of a file or to roll forward a document. This lets you keep the original file intact, and then work with the new file going forward. When you copy a file or project, there are several settings that let you customize how your files are copied. Copying files keeps the permissions you set on the files, but resets revision history.

Copy and Link Settings

When you copy files, you can select copy and link settings to determine how items are handled in the copy. This lets you adjust your preferences based your situation.

Copy Settings

  • Use original images and supporting documents: This option retains the original images and supporting documents for the copied files
  • Copy comments (classic only): This option copies any comments on the file and keeps them on the new files
  • Copy outline labels (classic only): This option copies any outline labels used

Link Settings

You’ll only see link settings when you copy next generation files or a project that only contains next generation files.

  • Create Copies of Linked Files: This creates copies of any files with source links connected to the files you selected to copy.
  • Keep Links to Linked Files: This keeps the files you selected linked to the original files containing the original source links. As a best practice, keep source files outside of the files selected to be copied. Otherwise, if they are within files selected to be copied, they too will be duplicated.

Project Settings

You’ll only see project settings when you copy a project

  • Period End Date: Enter a period end date for your new project.
  • Target Filing Date: Enter a target filing date for you new project.

Copying a File or Project

To copy a file from home:

In Files or Home, find the file or project.
Right-click the item and select Copy . Select Copy
Review the selected files and then click Next >. Review Files
Select copy settings, and if applicable link and project settings. Then click Copy. Select Settings
You’ll see the status of the report in the lower right. Click Open Folder in the lower right when the copy completes. View New Files

You’ll also receive an email with a link to the copied files. You can find the copied files in a new folder named "Copied Items" with a timestamp. You can then move any new files to a folder.