Sharing Classic Document Changes

This article is for:

  • Classic File Types

This article describes the differences between sharing and saving, as well as how to share document changes.

When and Why to Share

Wdesk autosaves your work every 60 seconds. You can also save manually by clicking on the save button in the file tab.

When you’re ready to commit your changes, you share your draft. Once shared, your changes become a part of the document and available for everyone to see.

Sharing Changes

You can share your entire document as well as individual document sections. If you are sharing the entire document, Wdesk determines whether any link dependencies exist between that document and other documents. If there are linked values in other documents that have changed, you will be required to share those changes as well.

When you share a specific section, Wdesk determines whether any dependencies exist between that section and other sections or documents. If Wdesk detects dependencies, you will be required to share any changes in those sections as well.

Share a Document

When you are ready to share the changes you’ve made throughout the document with other team members, click the green Share button in the upper left on the toolbar.

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When you share changes to the current document, any dependent documents are also shared.

Sharing creates a revision. You can add remarks to a revision, or designate it as a Milestone, or filter through them as needed. To learn more, read the article Document History and Revisions.

Remember to share changes frequently, so that everyone can see an accurate representation of the document. If you make updates that you don't want to keep, you can use the discard feature to discard the work you have done subsequent to your last share.

Share a Section

When you are ready to share the changes you made to a section, right-click that section in the document outline and choose Share Section.

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Results of Sharing Changes

When you share a document or section, Wdesk does the following:

  • Merges all of your changes into the main document.
  • Makes your changes visible to all other document users.
  • Saves that version of the document with a unique, sequential revision number.
  • Clears the Pencil icons from the outline sections you edited. This simultaneously clears the Lock icons that are visible to other users on those sections.

Discarding Changes

If you need to discard changes to a single section, right-click on the title of the section in the Document Outline and choose Discard Section Changes. To discard changes for your entire document, click on the Discard icon in the File toolbar.