Setting Advanced Permissions

This article is for:

  • Next Generation File Types

If you want to see and adjust permissions in a detailed view, you can do so using Advanced Permissions. This will allow you to see permissions for all users and groups with access to a document in a matrix, where you can add, remove, and modify user and group permissions.

You can access Advanced Permission from Home. Open the action menu of the document you want to adjust permissions for and choose Advanced Permissions. You can also access advanced permissions by clicking the Advanced Permissions button in document permissions.

Adding and Removing Users or Groups

You can add a user or group by clicking Add in the toolbar.. Enter the user or group name into the text box and select the appropriate user or group from the list. Once you’ve selected someone to add, click Add and the new user or group will appear as the right-most column in the permissions matrix.

If you need to remove users or groups, select them and right click, then choose Remove.

Permission Levels

Below is a brief explanation of each permission level and the abilities available to each.

  • Owner - Able to add and remove content or sections and adjust section properties including permissions to that section.
  • Editor - Able to add and remove content to a section.
  • Viewer - Able to view and comment on a section but not modify.
  • No Access - Unable to open or view a section.

Editing Permissions

To modify a user’s permission for one section, select a permission to modify. You can click a column or row header to select the entire row or column and assign permissions to the entire selection.

You can adjust a single section permission for one user by selecting a cell and clicking the desired permission in the toolbar, or by right-clicking a cell and selecting the desired permission level from the menu. You can also double-click the cell to cycle through the four permission levels.

If you need to modify a large number of permissions, you may prefer to use keyboard shortcuts to quickly adjust permissions. These shortcuts will change the permission level for your current selection based on the key pressed.

Permission Level Key
Owner O
Editor E
Viewer V
No Access X

Once you’ve finished modifying permissions for the document, click Save in the toolbar to save your changes.