Permission Sets

This article is for:

  • Classic File Types

If you want to reuse your existing permissions in another document or project, you can save your permissions as a set. Permissions sets are a collection of group and user level permissions granted to a project, document or section. You can save and apply permission sets to other projects, documents, and sections.

Saving Permissions as a Set

To access document permissions in Wdesk, select the File tab and choose Properties, then select Document Properties from the menu.

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In the Document Properties dialog box, click the Permissions tab to display the current permission settings for the document.

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Click the Save as Permissions Set button. You will be asked to name your permissions set. Then click the Save as Permissions Set button.

Applying Permissions as a Set

To apply a permissions set to a different document, click the Edit Permission button from the Document Properties dialog box and select your desired permissions set from the Choose a Permission Set drop-down in the top right.

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You will be asked to confirm the change. Click the Apply Changes button to apply the permissions set.

Using Permissions Sets at the Project Level

Permissions sets can also be created and applied to projects. Select your project in the right-hand Projects panel, then click the Project Properties button.

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In the Project Properties window, click the Permissions tab. You can manage permissions sets for your project as described for documents in the article sections above.

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