Classic Outline Labels

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  • Classic File Types

As your document grows, you may find it helpful to label parts of your outline to provide pertinent information at a glance, such as the current status of a section, who is working on a section, or priority. Outline Labels allow you to create custom labels to apply to sections in the document outline panel according to criteria that you establish such as workflow, team member names or alerts. You can create an unlimited number of labels for your document.

NOTE: Only document owners can create outline labels.

Enabling Labels

Document owners must first enable this feature for a given document. This can be done by clicking the gray circle in the top right corner of the document outline, then clicking Enable Labels.

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Once labels have been enabled, any user with editor access to that document will be able to add, edit, apply, or remove labels.

Creating, Editing, and Deleting Labels

Once outline labels have been enabled for a document, you can view available labels by clicking on the Manage Labels button. Here you will see available labels and have the option to create new ones.

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Four default labels will be created when you enable labels: Not Started, In Progress, Waiting, and Final. You can edit the names of these labels by clicking in the name field found to the right of a label’s color indicator.

After you’ve entered the name you’d like to use, press Enter on your keyboard or click outside of the name field and choose Edit at the prompt to save the new name. Changing labels does not put your document into draft mode. The changes are shown to team members in real time and you do not need to share or refresh.

You can also change the default colors to other colors by clicking right on the color circle next to the label name.

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Creating a new label is even easier. From the Manage Labels window, click Add New Label at the bottom of the window and enter a name for the new label. This new label will be added at the bottom of the list and assigned a new color.

Finally, if you no longer want a label to be available for use, you can remove a label by clicking the X to the right of the label’s name in the Manage Labels window.

Applying, Changing, and Removing Labels

After your labels have been set up, you can apply them to any section of your document via the document outline. To do so, click the label button to the left of a section name to open a list of available labels and select the label you’d like to apply.

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When two editors are adding labels simultaneously in the doc outline panel, the most recent change overrides other changes in real time.

If you need to remove a label from a single section at a later point, you can change a section’s label to None to remove the label on that section.

Bulk Add or Remove

You can also choose to apply a selected label to all sections of a document, or remove all labels from the document outline.

To apply a label to all sections of a document, open the document outline label window at the top of the outline, then click the colored circle next to the label you’d like to apply. This will bring up the option to Apply to All Sections. Depending on the size of your document, there may be a processing period as the label is applied.

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Removing all document outline labels is also easy. From the label management window, click the double arrow icon in the top-right corner of the window to see more options. From here, click Clear All Labels to remove all outline labels from your document. Before the labels are removed, you will be asked to confirm your decision, as this action cannot be undone.

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Disabling Labels

If a document owner wishes to disable labels at any point, this can be done through the Manage Labels window. Simply click the double arrow in the top right corner of the window, then choose Disable Labels. This does not remove applied labels or delete created labels, so any work done with labels may be continued by reactivating labels.