Adding and Removing Data

After you create a table, datasets can be added, removed or replaced.

Appending Data

To append data to a table:

  1. Open a Table.

  2. Open the Properties by clicking the arrow icon on the table and choosing the Properties option.

    Remove in the action menu

  3. In the Datasets tab, click the Append Data button.

  4. Choose to upload a file from your computer or import a spreadsheet from Wdesk.

    Remove in the action menu

You'll see the uploaded dataset appear under Datasets in the right panel.

Replacing Data

You can add new data to a table by replacing an existing dataset. If an existing dataset needs to be replaced, you can choose Replace from the dataset action menu.

This launches the Append Data wizard and you can either upload a new .CSV file or import a section from a Wdesk spreadsheet.

Removing Data

To remove data from a table:

  1. Click Remove in the dataset action menu.

  2. Confirm that the data should be removed.

Remove in the action menu

Selecting Remove Import will move the file to Staged, removing the underlying data from the table and any report results it appears in. Staged datasets are not completely removed. This allows you to add new tags and re-import.

To completely remove data, select Delete from a staged dataset’s action menu and confirm your choice to remove the dataset from the table.