Managing Tasks

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Completing Tasks

When you’ve finished a task, go to the Document Tasks tab in the Projects panel. Click the check box next to the completed task, and it will turn into a checkmark, indicating to stakeholders that the task is done. Assigners will also receive an email notification that the task is complete.

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You can also check a task as completed in the global task center or click the check box next to a task in Home to change its status to Completed. Completed tasks will appear in Home with a strikethrough line when the filter is set to Completed.

Editing and Deleting Tasks

You may find that you need to change an assignee, due date, or other task-related information. To edit a task, hover over it, click the drop-down arrow that appears, and select Edit. Only assigners can edit tasks. The task will open, and you can change it. When you are done editing, click the Save button.

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If you have a task you no longer need for any reason, hover over it, and a drop-down arrow will appear. Click the arrow and select Delete. Only assigners can delete tasks they’ve created.

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You will be asked to confirm the Delete, and reminded that both the assignee and assigner will be notified of this action.

You can also manage tasks (Edit, Delete, complete them, etc.) by clicking the checkmark next to your name in the upper right-hand corner of Wdesk, which displays tasks in a drop-down menu.

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Viewing Tasks

Using the tabs of the Document Tasks panel, you can choose to display My Tasks (tasks assigned to you), My Created (tasks you’ve assigned to someone else), or All Tasks.

You can also display tasks based on whether they’re To Do or Done in each category.

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The same categories exist in Home, and you can also choose to display tasks by Due Date, Document, the date that it was Last Modified, or By Assignee.

Once a category is chosen, you can click the field title (task name, status, etc.) to reorder them alphabetically or by date.

Task Reminders

You can remind Assignees about tasks that they may have forgotten, or ones that have an impending due date.

From Home, go to Tasks. Locate the task you'd like to send a reminder for and mouse-hover over it. Click the drop-down arrow that appears on the right-hand side, and select Remind. The reminder is automatically sent.

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A message will display at the top of Home, letting you know the reminder has been sent.

NOTE: If you've sent a reminder in error, you have a short amount of time to recall it by clicking Undo in the notification message.

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