Creating and Assigning Tasks

This article is for:

  • Classic File Types

Creating Tasks

You can create and assign tasks in Wdesk to help you manage projects, organize responsibilities, and meet deadlines.

In the right-hand task panel, click the Document Tasks tab. If you have no tasks, the panel will be empty. To create a task, start typing the name of your task in the Add New Task… field.

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Assigning Tasks to Others

Once you create a task title, options appear to add a Due Date, assign the task to a User, specify the Task Location to a document, section, or cell, and include a description. When you have entered all necessary details, click the Create button.

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Once assigned, the user will be sent a notification email, and tasks will appear in the assignee’s global task center, located next to your user name in the upper right-hand corner.

Creating and Managing Tasks in Wdesk Home

There is also a Tasks dashboard in Wdesk Home. On the Tasks tab, you can create a task quickly by typing in the Add New Task... box and hitting Enter.

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Tasks created in Wdesk Home are not associated with a document, and can be used in many ways to help your workflow, such as reminders or to-do lists. As with all tasks, you can edit them and add details, such as a due date or an assignee.

You can click on the task name to expand it and display more information about it. In the Location column you will find the name of the document associated with the task, in the form of a link. Clicking this will take you to the document. Next to the location is a Go to task button, which will open the task directly in the document, or take you to the attachment portal if it is an attachment request.

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