Importing Tasks - Frequently Asked Questions

If you need to reuse a set of tasks multiple times, try creating a task file and importing them using the steps below. You can customize imported tasks with titles, descriptions, due dates, assignees, and owners.

Q: Am I able to use import?

A: We currently are releasing the Tasking import functionality to a limited number of customers for feedback. If you are interested in learning more about this function, please contact your CSM.

Q: Is there a limit to how many tasks I can import at one time?

A: Yes, the limit is currently 100 tasks per import.

Q: How do I import?

A: Download and open the template file found here. Excluding the header row, each row in this file will create one task.

Fields that can be provided to create tasks:

  • Title (50 character maximum, required field)
  • Description (2,500 character maximum)
  • Assignee (Email of a valid Wdesk user)
  • Due Date (MM/DD/YYYY)
  • Owner (Email of a valid Wdesk user)

The Owner is usually the creator of the task, and the person who receives notification of actions that occur related to that task. With import, you have the option to set someone other than yourself as the owner. If the field is left blank, it will default to the person importing the tasks.

Save your file when you have populated all the task fields you would like to create then right-click the document on your Wdesk home screen that you would like to import tasks to. Select Import Tasks then click Browse. Choose the appropriate .csv file then click Import. The file must use the fields listed above. A notification will appear once the import succeeds.

There is currently no way to associate an imported task with a specific section, text selection or cell within a Wdesk document. All tasks will automatically be associated to the document you are importing the tasks to.

Q: Why was my import unsuccessful?

A: You will receive one of three messages if your import is unsuccessful:

Incorrect File Format

Your .csv is either formatted differently than the template included on this page or you selected a file that was not a .csv.

Import warning or Import unsuccessful

Some or all of your tasks are breaking one of these criteria:

  • Title (50 character maximum, required field)
  • Description (2500 character maximum)
  • Assignee (Must be email of a valid Wdesk user)
  • Due Date (MM/DD/YYYY)
  • Owner (Must be email of a valid Wdesk user)