Managing Chrome Flash Policies

This article is for:

  • IT Groups and Administrators

Google Chrome 76 now blocks Adobe Flash by default on all websites. You can enable Flash, but you'll need to allow flash for each new website and browser session.

An IT admin can create a policy to whitelist Wdesk by referring to the following documentation on using PluginsAllowedForUrls: Chromium Policy List Entry. This whitelist should cover the [*.] URL.

Some group policy changes in Google Chrome may require changes to allow Wdesk. For more details on these policy changes, you can view Chrome Group Policy Changes.

Managing Chrome Policies

We recommend IT groups use the following Google Chrome policies:

  • DefaultPluginsSetting
  • PluginsAllowedForUrls

To grant users access to Wdesk, while preventing the use of Flash in other applications, set following policies:

  • Software\Policies\Google\Chrome\DefaultPluginsSetting = 1 or 3 (integer)
  • Software\Policies\Google\Chrome\PluginsAllowedForUrls\1 = https://[*.] (string)

You can find full descriptions of each Chrome policy is available from Google:

Send an email if you need additional assistance.

Plans to Remove Flash from Wdesk

Our development team at Workiva is working toward removing the use of Adobe Flash technology by Wdesk. Our next generation technology will provide an enhanced experience across all core Wdesk document types. Wdesk Spreadsheets and Controls Management already use the next generation technology.

For additional details, you can learn more about the next generation of Wdesk.