Configure Flash Settings in Chrome

This article is for all Wdesk Users.

Google Chrome version 69 removes the option to remember Flash preferences for specific websites. As such, requests to allow Flash-based websites will appear in each new browser session with Google Chrome 69 and above.

Flash Alert

Configure Flash Settings

To find out what version of Chrome you’re using, go to: chrome://settings/help.

If you have administrative rights on your computer, you can edit your browser settings to remember your Flash preferences:

  1. Visit chrome://flags/#enable-ephemeral-flash-permission.
  2. Set Enable Ephemeral Flash Permissions to Disabled.
  3. Reload Chrome.
  4. Follow the steps in Enabling Flash for Your Browser for Chrome.
  5. Sign in to Wdesk.

Unable to Change Settings

If you cannot reach these settings or you continue to be asked to allow Flash while using Wdesk, you will likely need assistance from your IT group.

Please send Managing Google Chrome Flash Policies to your IT group to see if they can establish or update Google Chrome policies for Flash.

Plans to Remove Flash from Wdesk

Our development team is working toward removing the use of Adobe Flash technology by Wdesk. Our next generation technology will provide an enhanced experience across all core Wdesk document types.

Wdesk Spreadsheets and Controls Management already use the next generation technology. Documents and Presentations will both be available January 1, 2019.