Requesting Attachments

When you need another person to provide a file to attach to a cell, you can ask them to do so using Tasks. This simple process automatically attaches the file provided by the assignee without the assignee needing to open Wdesk.

To learn more about Tasks in Wdesk, read the article Creating and Assigning Tasks.

Creating Attachment Requests

To allow a user to submit a file, you must first create an attachment request. In the Attachments panel, click Request Attachment then fill out the dialog. After creating the task, the assignee will be prompted through email to submit a document.

Anyone with a Wdesk license can submit attachments. Document permissions still apply.

If you need to delete an attachment request, you can do so by going to the Attachments tab of the right-hand projects panel, click the options menu arrow, and select Delete.

image alt text

Submitting Attachments

In the email prompt, the assignee can click a button to open the Attachment Portal in a new window or tab. In the portal, simply drag the requested file onto the indicated area, allow it to upload, then click to send the file.

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Once the assignee has uploaded a file, it will automatically be attached at the location where the task was created, and the file will be added to your list of attachments.