Exporting Attachments

Reasons for Exporting

After you complete markup and testing, you may want to export the results in a .ZIP format. This allows for an external audit or archiving on your hard drive or company network. Attachments will download in their original file format and Wdesk docs will download as PDF.

It is a good idea to view and validate the attached documents to ensure they match the source documents before downloading and passing along to stakeholders.

Downloading Attachments

Open your document and Share all outstanding drafts. In the Attachments panel on the right, choose the create download icon with the download arrow.

image alt text

While your download is processing, a notification message will appear and the download icon will display as a white circle with a green arrow.

image alt text

Once the download has completed, a final message will display and the icon will be a solid green with a white arrow.

image alt text

Click the green arrow icon to save your file in a preferred location. Wdesk and attached docs are exported to a .ZIP file containing PDF, Word, Excel, or other desired file types.

NOTE: Your download location is determined by your browser settings. Please consult the support for your browser to see or change your default download location.