Attachment Markup in the Viewer

After you have collected all the attachments, you will begin the attachment testing.

Viewing Submitted Attachments

To open the attachment in the Viewer, click on the filename in the Attachments panel.

image alt text

You will not be able to change text or content in the Viewer. This will prevent tampering with the attachment.

Drawing Tools in the Viewer

You will see a toolbar at the top of the Viewer. These tools will allow you to markup the document with shapes. The right-hand panel will create a tile representing the markup. You will be able to edit the name of the tile to create a label for that particular markup.

Users are also able to select shapes and move them around. When they select a tile in the panel that's not on the displayed page, the Viewer navigates to the page the selected shape is shown.

image alt text

Shapes and tickmarks can be selected using the Select tool and moved, copied/pasted, and deleted, one at a time or as a group.

NOTE: Comments made in the Viewer are automatically saved, so your changes will be available to others as you make them.

Reviewing the Markup

Once you’ve finished the attachment markup, you can close the Viewer and return to the main document. A manager may do an internal review of the markup before the documents are archived.

Approving an Attachment

If no further work needs to be on an attachment, you can use the Approve option to add an approval stamp to the document. This stamp will include the word Approved, the approver's name, and the date of the approval. Once an attachment is approved, markup on the attachment can no longer be changed. If markup does need to be changed on an approved document, you can delete the approval stamp from the markup list on the right to make the attachment for markup available again.

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