Attaching Supporting Documents

You can attach PDFs, images, .XLS, .DOC, and many other file types to individual cells in a workbook or to text in a document.

Attaching Files

When you’re ready to attach files, you can select the cell(s) or text and click the Add Attachment button in the Attachments panel. In the Attach Files window, either drag-and-drop the file into the window or click the Select File(s) to Attach button to browse to the file. After your file finishes uploading, click Attach to finish.

The Attachments panel on the right-hand side displays a list of the attached files.

image alt text

Once you've created your first attachment, you can reuse that attachment in other locations by highlighting a portion of your document and clicking Add Reference next to the existing attachment in the Attachment panel.

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NOTE: Deleting the original attachment will eliminate every reference to that attachment in a document.

Creating Placeholders

Optionally, if you’d like to just map out your workbook or document, you can select your cell(s) or text and mark them with a placeholder. Determine which cells or text you want to attach documents to. You can select a single cell, a contiguous range of cells, or text.

After selecting them, on the Attachments tab, click the Add Attachment button. The Attach File dialog will display, and you can click the Create Placeholder button.

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The cells or text will now be marked with an orange indicator along the top and left-hand side, reminding you of where they are in your workbook or document.

In the Attachments panel, a placeholder attachment is created. It is tied to your cell(s) or text, and you can add attachments using this at any time.

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Deleting Attachments

To delete an attachment, locate it in the Attachments panel. Click the arrow button next to it, and from the drop-down menu, select Delete.

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TIP: If you select Remove File, the cell(s) or text associated with the attachment will return to placeholder status.