Using Attachment Labels

When you attach files to table cells, labels in a Wdesk document will also appear in the Support Binder, enabling at-a-glance review of supporting attachments in the Binder Viewer or a PDF.

Using Attachment Labels in Documents

When you add an attachment, a label will automatically appear with the filename and a line linking it to its cell.

image alt text

You can add the same document to multiple cells, and give them different labels by clicking the pencil icon next to the name in the label.

This can help you keep track of different usages of the same document in Support Binders.

You will notice in the attachments tab of the project panel that the filename will change when you change the label name.

You can also move and organize Attachment Labels on a document page by clicking on them and moving them to where you’d like them.

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Attachment Labels are part of the Attachment Indicators, the orange outlines denoting cells that have attachments associated with them. You can Hide or Show labels the same way you do indicators, by toggling the Hide Attachment Indicators icon.

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Viewing Attachment Labels in PDFs

After you create a Support Binder, you will be able to view your Attachment Labels in the Using the Support Binders Viewer.

In the viewer, hover over the tab you wish to view, and click the menu button. Select Print Current Tab to view the attachment with its associated label.

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