Wdesk Sync for Spreadsheets

Wdesk Sync allows you to synchronize information from an Excel workbook to Wdesk, allowing you to create new Spreadsheets or update existing ones with data from your computer. If you'd like to add this feature to your account, you can discuss implementation options with your Customer Success Manager.

Downloading and Installing Wdesk Sync

To use Wdesk Sync, you need Microsoft®1 Excel 2010, 2013, or 2016 (including Office 365) and Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 or newer. You must also have permission to install programs on your computer. If you do not have these programs or permission to install programs, please consult your company's IT resources.

For technical information relevant to your IT department, direct them to download the Wdesk Sync Installer Technical Details.

To install the add-in:

Download the Wdesk Sync Add-In installer.
After the download completes, launch the program.
Once you install the add-in, restart your computer and open the document you'd like to sync to your Wdesk account.

If you do not see the Wdesk Sync tab in Excel, you can enable it through the Add-In Manager. From Excel's File menu, click Options, and select Add-Ins from the menu. If you continue having problems accessing the add-in, contact your IT department.

If your version of Wdesk Sync is not up to date, an update prompt appears in the left panel.

Update Wdesk Sync

Using Wdesk Sync

Setting Up Wdesk Sync

Wdesk Sync adds a tab option at the top of your Excel window and allows you to use the Sync wizard.

To sync to your Wdesk account:

Click the Wdesk Sync tab.
Click Login and select your Wdesk region from the dropdown. This opens the login page in your browser.

Select your region

Log in to your Wdesk account using your company’s login/security features (browser validation, SAML, etc.). If you're already logged in to Wdesk, Wdesk Sync automatically verifies your credentials.
If this is your first time logging in to Wdesk Sync, validate your connection by clicking Validate.

Validate your connection

Syncing Your Spreadsheets

To sync from an Excel workbook:

Open the Excel workbook you’d like to sync.
From the Wdesk Sync tab in Excel, click Start to open the Sync wizard.

Start the sync wizard

From the Worksheets tab of the wizard, select the worksheet(s) you'd like to sync using the checkbox next to each name. If a worksheet has a range of cells highlighted, you can check the Sync only selected cells box to sync only the highlighted range.

Select sheets to sync

From the Wdesk tab of the wizard, choose an existing spreadsheet to add the data to, or create a new spreadsheet. If you choose Create New Spreadsheet, you can name it in the Document field at the bottom of the window. Click Next.

Select sheets to sync to

On the Review tab, confirm the items you want to sync. You can choose whether or not to sync formulas by using the Sync formulas checkbox. If you choose to sync formulas, any formulas not supported by Wdesk are identified in a panel.

Unsupposed formulas panel

To begin the syncing process, click Start Sync. A status bar appears to display the current progress of your sync. If you have Wdesk open when you begin your sync, a progress bar also appears with more information about your sync.

Start the sync

Once your sync is complete, you can view your new or existing Spreadsheet in your account. Fonts, colors, lines, or other formatting found in the original document may not appear in Spreadsheets. However, syncing an Excel workbook does not override any document content and formatting already in the existing Wdesk Spreadsheet. If there is information in your sheet that you don't want to be overwritten, lock that cell to prevent future changes.

1 Microsoft and its products are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.