Wdesk Sync for Spreadsheets

Wdesk Sync allows you to synchronize information from an Excel document on your computer to Wdesk, allowing you to create new Spreadsheets or update existing ones with data on your computer in just a few clicks. If you'd like to add this feature on your account, you can discuss implementation with your Customer Success Manager to ensure the integrity of your data across platforms.

There are three ways to get started with Spreadsheets: synchronize an external document using Wdesk Sync (the most common method, covered in this article), create a new one from scratch in Wdesk, or import a .CSV file. The last two methods are covered in Creating and Importing Spreadsheets.

NOTE: Wdesk Sync features can only be used on computers running Windows 7® or newer. Apple operating systems are not supported at this time.

Downloading and Installing Wdesk Sync

To use the feature, you will need Microsoft®1 Excel 2010, 2013, or 2016 (including Office 365) and Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5. You must also have permission to install programs on your computer. If you do not have these programs or lack permission to install programs on your computer, please consult your company's IT resources.

For technical information relevant to your IT department, direct them to download the Wdesk Sync Installer Technical Details.

To begin, download the Wdesk Sync Add-In installer and launch the program. Once the add-in has been installed, restart your computer and open the document you'd like to sync to your account.

If your version of Wdesk Sync is not up to date, you will be prompted to updated by a panel on the left.

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Using Wdesk Sync

With Wdesk Sync installed, you will see a tab option titled Wdesk Sync at the top of your Excel window. Under this tab, click Start to open the Wdesk Sync Wizard to sync your document to your account. If you've already synced up a document and want to update any new information, you can click the Repeat button.

If you do not see the Wdesk Sync tab, you can enable an installed add-in through the Add-In Manager. To do this, enter the File menu, go under Options, then expand the Add-Ins menu option. If you continue having problems accessing the Wdesk Sync Add-In, contact your IT department.

Spreadsheets synced to your account may lack fonts, colors, lines, or other formatting found in the original document. However, document content, and formatting already in an existing Wdesk Spreadsheet will not be lost. Any hidden rows/columns in Excel will also sync. If there is information in your sheet that you don't want to be overwritten, lock that cell to prevent changes. Because syncing includes an automatic sharing of changes, you will not be able to discard the changes caused by syncing a spreadsheet.

1. Click the Login button. Select your Wdesk Region. Choose your Region from the drop-down, and click Login via browser. You can check Don't ask again to save your choice, then, in the future, just click the Login button. image alt text

2. Your default browser will open with a new tab, and you will need to login to Wdesk. If you're already logged into Wdesk, Wdesk Sync will verify this, and you will not need to login. Any login or security features (browser validation, SAML, etc.) are supported using your normal Wdesk login.

3. The first time you log in, you'll be asked to Validate your Connection. Click the Validate button. A screen will be displayed confirming your validation.

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4. To begin a sync, on the Wdesk Sync tab of Excel, click the Start button.

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5. On the Worksheets tab of the Sync wizard, choose which worksheets you'd like to sync. Select the worksheets using the checkbox next to the worksheet name, or use the appropriate option at the top to select or deselect all worksheets. If a worksheet has a range of cells highlighted, you can check the Sync only selected cells box and only the highlighted cells will be synced.

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6. On the Wdesk tab, choose which Spreadsheet will receive this new data, or create a new one with the data. If you choose Create New Spreadsheet, you can name it in the Document field at the bottom of the window. If you'd like to see more information about the available Spreadsheets, you can switch between an icon view and a detailed list of Spreadsheets using the slider in the bottom left corner of the window. Click Next.

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7. When updating an existing document, you may need to edit your Wdesk Spreadsheet before changes will sync correctly. For example, if you added a new row of data to your Excel document, you must add an empty row in the same place in the Wdesk Spreadsheet before syncing.

Also, if tabs in the Excel document do not have the same name as a sheet in the selected Wdesk Spreadsheet, a new sheet with the same name will be created on uploading.

8. Finally, on the Review tab, confirm the items you want to sync. You can choose whether you want to sync formulas or not by using the Sync formulas checkbox. When you are ready, click Start Sync to add the data to your Wdesk account.

NOTE: Whoever is syncing the Spreadsheet must have editing rights to the respective sections for the sync to complete.

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A status bar will appear, displaying the status of your sync. Once complete, your new or existing Spreadsheet will be available in your account. If you have Wdesk open when you begin your sync, a progress bar will also appear there with more information about your sync progress.

When the sync completes, you'll be updated on the status and asked if you'd like to view the synced Spreadsheet in Wdesk. Syncing to a Spreadsheet will automatically build sections and name them to match the Excel document.

If you have locked cells, the cells will remain locked after the sync.

If you chose to sync formulas, any formulas not supported by Wdesk will be identified in Excel in an easy-to-view panel.

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Once data has been synced and reviewed, links can be created into a document with copy and paste. The first time links are created, they will automatically be published. Future changes will need to be published manually.

When the Sync plug-in is updated, you will see a notification in the left-hand panel of Excel, letting you know an update is available and what has changed.

If you have further questions or comments, please consult your Customer Success Manager for more information.

1 Microsoft and its products are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.