Viewing Data in Spreadsheets

Hiding Rows and Columns

You can hide rows or columns so they remain in your document, but are not visible.

Click the header for the column or row you'd like to hide to select the entire column or row. You can select consecutive columns or rows by holding Shift and clicking a column or row header. You can also select a group of rows or columns by dragging your mouse over them.

After making a selection, go to the Edit tab and click Hide. Then select Hide Columns or Hide Rows.

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Freezing Columns or Rows

Freeze locks one or more columns or rows in place while the rest of the Spreadsheet is free to scroll. This feature is especially useful when working with large spreadsheets so you can scroll horizontally or vertically to compare data in different columns or rows.

Freezing Columns

  • Selecting a column freezes it and all columns to the left of the selection.

  • Selecting the top cell in a column freezes the column to the left, but not the column for the selected cell.

Freezing Rows

  • Selecting a row freezes the selected row and all rows above the selected row.

  • Selecting a cell deeper in the Spreadsheet freezes all rows above the selected cell and all columns to the left of the selected cell.

Click Freeze or Unfreeze on the View tab to turn this option on or off.

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Merging Cells

To merge cells in a Spreadsheet, select the cells you want you to merge, right-click, and select Merge Cells. You can choose to merge cells horizontally or vertically, merge them all together into one larger cell, or unmerge them.

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Viewing Overlays

You can view locked cells, value formatting, or how numbers are entered and shown for your data at a glance using the Overlays feature in the View tab.

Click Overlay from the View tab to open the Overlay Legend tab in the right-hand panel. Click the arrow next to Overlay Legend to open the drop-down menu where you can select the type of overlay you want to view, as well as see a legend for the selected view.

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