Using Data Validations

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If you want to restrict the input of a cell in a spreadsheet, you can create dropdown menus using Data Validation.

Creating Rules

To create a new validation rule:

Select a cell.
From the Data toolbar, click Validation and choose Add New Rule to open the Data Validation panel.

The validation menu

Enter a name for the new rule in the first text box.
Adjust the cell(s) in the second text box if different than the current selection.

The data validation panel

Choose how to create your dropdown options:
  • To use a range of options already in your sheet, choose Range and select the range to reference.
  • To create a new list of options within the rule, select List then enter the options you want to appear in the dropdown.
Click Save Rule to finish.

Managing Rules

To manage existing rules:

Click Validation in the toolbar and choose Manage Rules to open the Data Validation panel and view the sheet’s rules.

The data validation panel

Highlight the rule you want to modify and click the to open the dropdown menu.
Select the appropriate option to edit, apply, or delete the rule.

Removing Rules

To remove a rule or rules from a selection:

Highlight the range you want to edit.
From the Data toolbar, click Validation and choose Clear Selection to remove all rules applied to the chosen range.

You can remove all validations from the sheet by choosing Clear Entire Sheet from the validation menu.