Using Connected Sheets

After you connect a spreadsheet to a data source, you can use your connected sheet to keep your data up-to-date.


As a best practice, avoid directly linking from a connected sheet to other documents. Links are based on cell coordinates, meaning changes to the structure of the data source may change which data occupies a specific coordinate. This may cause your link to reference an incorrect value.

Learn more about linking.

Updating Your Data

When data changes at the source, you can update your sheet to make sure you have the most up-to-date information.

To update your data:

Select the sheet you want to update from the outline panel.
From the Data toolbar, click Update . This updates only the sheet you selected—if you have multiple connected sheets, you need to update each sheet individually.

A status message appears in the lower right corner to let you know which data source and connected sheets are updating.

Updating status message

When the update is complete, a message appears in the lower-right corner.

Wdata Connections

From the Wdata Connections panel, you can connect a sheet to a Wdata query. To update a connected sheet's connection to Wdata, click Migrate on the Connected Sheets panel.

Viewing Properties and History

You can see additional information about the sheet connection in the Connected Sheets panel, while the History panel allows you to view revision history and authorship.


To open the Connected Sheets panel, click the icon in the right panel. This panel shows which data set the sheet is connected to, when the last update took place, who performed the update, and any currently applied customizations.

Properties Panel

Revision History

View revision history by clicking the icon in the right panel. In the History panel, you can see a list of all revisions and who made the changes.

History Panel

For more information on properties and history, see Collaboration in Spreadsheets.

Rolling Forward Connected Sheets

You can also use data set customizations to roll forward your data.

To roll forward a connected sheet:

Perform the normal roll forward process using Project Copy to create a disconnected copy of your sheet.
Under the Customize Data Set section, type the new period or date that you want to roll forward to and click Update to Apply Changes.

Roll Forward a Connected Sheet