Moving Data and Source Links from Workbooks

When you have existing data in a workbook, you can use a special copy to move that data and its formatting to a spreadsheet. When your data from a workbook includes source links, you can also move the source links.

Copying Data from a Workbook

With the spreadsheet and existing workbook open:

  1. Select the data in the workbook and either right-click and select Copy to exclude formatting or press Ctrl + Shift + C (special copy) to include formatting. This copy includes some formatting, such as cell borders, text formatting (bold, italics, etc.), entered in/shown in, etc.

  2. Paste the data into the spreadsheet using the normal paste option.

  3. Click the clipboard to open the Paste menu and make sure Values and Formulas and Apply Formatting are selected.

    NOTE: If you are missing formatting after pasting, try the copy and paste again with a smaller section.

    image alt text

  4. Manually adjust remaining formatting as needed, such as indents, merged cells, fonts, column widths, and row heights.

Moving Source Links from a Workbook

After you populate the spreadsheet with data from a workbook, you can move the source links.

With the spreadsheet and original workbook open:

  1. Copy the data from the spreadsheet and paste it back into the original workbook. This signals to Wdesk that you want to make a change to the original source links.

  2. From the clipboard, select Move Source Links and click Apply.

    image alt text

  3. Click Continue to confirm that you want to move the source links to the spreadsheet.

    image alt text

  4. If you are moving a large number of source links, Share changes after every 100 links you move.

NOTE: Source links cannot be moved from a spreadsheet to a workbook. You can move source links inside the same spreadsheet using cut and paste.

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