Linking and Publishing in Spreadsheets

Link from a spreadsheet to other Wdesk files to share data and keep it consistent across all documents. Use the Publish feature to push your changes, as well as any changes made by others, from source cells to the destination links.

Linking from Spreadsheets

Once you have your Spreadsheet set up, you can link to other documents in Wdesk.

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To create a link from a spreadsheet:

  1. Select the cell and use your keyboard or right-click to Copy and Paste into a destination cell or text in a document, workbook, or presentation.

  2. From the clipboard, select Create Links from and choose the appropriate option.

If you change a linked value in the spreadsheet, the orange indicator appears to show the change is unpublished.

Publishing Links in Spreadsheets

When you first create a link, Wdesk automatically publishes that change. You must click Publish for any changes you make after creating the initial links. Publishing pushes all the linked data from the spreadsheet to linked destinations and includes changes made by you and others.

There are two ways to see how many changes are unpublished and where they are:

  • A number appears in the button to show how many links have changes that are not published.

  • Gray link icons appear next to sections with unpublished links in the document outline.

    image alt text

NOTE: The orange change indicator does not appear in destination cells after updating source link cells in a spreadsheet.

To publish changes:

  1. Click the Publish button to push all changes to destination links.

  2. When there are changes from another user, you'll get a pop-up that lets you know there are changes from other users. Click Publish to continue.

    image alt text

Published changes appear in the document, workbook, or presentation.

What’s Next

  • View Link History for a history of changes to links in your spreadsheet. For more information, see Collaboration in Spreadsheets.

  • To compare revisions, create a blackline of a linked document to compare changes that originate from a spreadsheet. For more information, see Document Blacklines.