Connecting Wdata Queries to Spreadsheets

To import data from Wdata into a spreadsheet, you can connect a query to each sheet. To view and manage all of the spreadsheet's connected queries, click Wdata Connections in the right panel. From the Wdata Connections panel, you can view details about the queries connected to each sheet of the spreadsheet, and refresh connections to update the spreadsheet's data.

Wdata Connections panel

Connecting a Sheet to a Query

If you're a spreadsheet's Owner, you can connect each of its sheets to a query you have permission to view in Wdata from the Wdata Connections panel.

In the spreadsheet, select the sheet to connect to a query.
From the Wdata Connections panel , click Add Connection .
Select the query to connect to the sheet, and click Next.
Set any parameters for the query, and click Connect.

Refreshing a Spreadsheet's Connected Queries

If you're a spreadsheet's Owner or Editor, you can refresh its connected queries from the Wdata Connections panel to update with the latest data.

  • To update a specific sheet, click its Refresh Connection .
  • To update multiple sheets, select them, and click Refresh Selected , or select Refresh Selected from a selected query's menu. Wdata Connections sheet menu

Updating a Connected Query's Parameters

If a connected query includes parameters, you can set the criteria of the data to include in the sheet from the Wdata Connections panel, such as to roll its time period forward or back.

  • To update parameters for a specific query, select Edit Connection from its sheet's menu.
  • To update the parameters for multiple queries, select their sheets on the panel, select Edit Connection from one of their menus, and page through the sheets' connections.

For each query, set the criteria of the data to include, and click Refresh.

Removing a Connection

To remove the connection between a sheet and Wdata, such as to connect to a different query, select Remove Connection from the sheet's menu on the Wdata Connections panel.

Collaboration in Wdata Connections

If you're a spreadsheet's Owner, you can connect its sheets to queries you have permission to view in Wdata.

If you collaborate on the spreadsheet with others, their access to a connection depends on their permissions to the query and sheet:

Query Permission Sheet Permission Connection Access
Viewer, Editor, or Owner Viewer or None Locked
Viewer Editor Refresh the query and update its parameters
Editor or Owner Owner Full access