Attachments in Spreadsheets

You can attach files to a cell or range of cells from the attachment panel.

Attaching a File to a Cell

Select a cell or range of cells to attach the file to, then click Upload File in the Attachments panel to choose a file. You can also create a placeholder where a file should be uploaded.

The upload attachments button

After you've uploaded an attachment or created a placeholder, you can create a reference to that attachment or placeholder by selecting another cell or range of cells and choosing Add Reference from the drop-down menu.

The add reference option

Modifying an Attachment

You can rename attachments, replace attachments, download individual attachments, revert an attachment reference to a placeholder, or delete an attachment from the drop-down menu.

If you'd like to download all attachments on a spreadsheet, you can click Download All Attachments to download a .zip file containing all attachments on the spreadsheet.

The download all attachments button