Linking and Publishing Your Spreadsheets

Using the Publish feature pushes your changes, as well as any changes made by others, from source cells to the destination links.

Linking from Spreadsheets

Once you have your Spreadsheet set up, you can link to other documents in Wdesk. Linking in Spreadsheets is one-way, which means the links are only from Spreadsheets to Wdesk Documents, Presentations, and Workbooks. As a result, only blue source links exist in a Spreadsheet. At this time, linking into or across spreadsheets is not supported

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To create a link from a Spreadsheet, select the data and use your keyboard or right-click to Copy and Paste into a destination cell or text in a document, workbook, or presentation. Select Create Links from from the clipboard and choose the appropriate option.

If you change a linked value in the Spreadsheet, the orange indicator will appear, signifying that the change is unpublished.

Moving a Source Link from a Workbook to a Spreadsheet

If you need to move a source link into a Spreadsheets, first set up your spreadsheet. After your spreadsheets are set up, copy values from the workbook into the spreadsheet and then, in the clipboard that appears after pasting the values, choose to move source links and confirm your choice. If you are moving a large number of source links, you should share after every 100 links moved. Source links cannot be moved from a spreadsheet to a workbook. You can move source links inside the same spreadsheet using cut and paste.

Publishing Your Spreadsheets

When a link is first created, Wdesk will auto-publish. Any subsequent changes will only update when the Publish button is used. Publishing pushes all the linked data from the Spreadsheet to the linked destinations.

Updating the Spreadsheet will not cause the indicator to appear in destination cells. You will be able to see the change in the Link History panel with a timestamp and the name of the user who made the change.

The green Publish button is in the top left corner of Wdesk. There is also a numeric indicator associated with the button to show how many links need to be updated. Gray icons in the document outline indicate which sheets contain unpublished links.

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Using the Publish icon will push all of the changes to the destination links, including changes made by others. When there are changes from another user, you'll get a pop-up that lets you know there are additional changes besides your own. The updated values will now be visible in the document, workbook or presentation.

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NOTE: Although you cannot create a blackline from the Spreadsheet itself to compare revisions, you can create a blackline of a linked document to compare changes that originate in a Spreadsheet.