Using Formulas

Spreadsheets supports all formulas available in Workbooks as well as some Spreadsheet-specific formulas.

Entering Formulas

You can type formulas directly into an active cell or enter them into the Formula Bar. Additionally, the Formula Assistant offers suggestions and explanations for formulas as you type. You can click the Formula Assistant icon in the Formula Bar to see all supported formulas.

Formula Assistant

When highlighting a range of cells, you can see the values for AVERAGE, COUNT, and SUM in the bottom-right corner of Wdesk without needing to type these formulas out.

Quick Formula List

You can also switch between viewing formulas and viewing values in your spreadsheet.

To display all formulas:

Open the View toolbar.
Click Show Formulas . Click the button again to show calculated values.

Cross Sheet Formulas

Cross Sheet Formulas

To create a formula that references a cell in another sheet:

Begin typing your formula.
Open the sheet that contains the cell you want to reference.
Click the cell you want to use. This places a reference to that cell in your formula and links your formula to the source cell, meaning this formula automatically updates when the linked cell is edited.

Cross sheet formula reference

Viewing Formula Details

The Formula Details panel shows you the cells referenced in a formula, as well as any places the selected cell is referenced.

To view formula details:

Select the cell that contains your formula.
Click the link icon in the right panel to open Link Properties.
Click the formula icon at the top of the panel to open the Formula Detail tab.

View Formula Details

By clicking Current Sheet, you can see which cells are referenced in the currently selected cell. You can click a specific reference to see the exact values used or click Go to Reference to jump to that reference in your spreadsheet.

If the selected cell is being referenced in another location, you can click Referenced By to view these references. You can click a specific reference to see how the selected cell is being used in a formula, or use Go to Reference to jump to the specific usage.