Spreadsheet Basics

Opening Existing Spreadsheets

When you open spreadsheets from Home, new Wdesk tabs will appear for each Spreadsheet you open.

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Once the Spreadsheet is open, you can hover over the Home panel to open another document, or right-click on the Wdesk Tab for more viewing options.

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Adding Sheets

To add a new sheet to your Spreadsheet outline, click Add Before or Add After at the top of the document outline panel. You can add up to 1,000 sheets to one Spreadsheet document. If you need to create a new Spreadsheet document, see Creating and Importing Spreadsheets.

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You can move a sheet in or out a level using the Promote or Demote button at the top of the Document Outline panel. Additionally, you can move it up or down a level in the outline with the Move Up or Move Down icons. Sheets can also be moved by clicking and dragging.

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Changing Permissions for a Sheet

After adding a sheet to a document, you can change permissions for an individual sheet. Right-click the sheet in the Document Outline and choose Sheet Permissions.

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There are three types of permission:

  • Owners have full rights to the document and can manage permissions

  • Editors can make changes

  • Viewers can look at a Spreadsheet, but can’t make any changes permanently

The Permissions editor shows who has access to the sheet. Search for names or scroll down the list to find them. Use the Filter button to see who has access by permission level.

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Find the user and click the permission level next to their name to give them that permission. To remove permission, hover over a name and click the X that appears on the right.

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To learn about permissions for an entire spreadsheet, see Collaboration in Spreadsheets.

Exporting a Spreadsheet

You can also save a local copy of your Spreadsheet as a .csv or .xlsx if needed. Click Export, then choose the file type to save as.

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If exporting as .xlsx, the file will download to your default download location. When exporting a .csv file, choose whether to export one or all sheets and whether to include formulas. Then click Export to save to your default download location.

Accessing Home from Spreadsheets

When you are working in a spreadsheet, you have ongoing access to return to the Home Menu at any point. Simply hover over any of the icons on the vertical bar on the far left. This activates the drawer with all of the menu options available in Home.

Once you choose a menu option, the full Home interface will open and display all items for that tab.