Viewing Multiple Spreadsheets

You can view multiple spreadsheets at the same time to make reviewing data across spreadsheets easier.

Viewing Multiple Spreadsheets

You can open spreadsheets in the same browser tab or different browser tabs or windows. This lets you easily view more than one spreadsheet as a split screen or in separate windows.

Creating a Split-Screen View

To view two spreadsheets in split-screen mode, open both spreadsheets as you normally do so they are in the same browser tab.

Then, drag the tab for the second spreadsheet into the main editor and drop it in the blue rectangle that appears.

image alt text

The spreadsheets appear side by side as a split screen. Switch between the two by clicking in the spreadsheet you want to edit.

You can tell which spreadsheet is active by its tab color — the gray tab is not active. The Outline panel also shows which spreadsheet you are editing.

Returning to Single Document View

To return to viewing one spreadsheet at a time, drag and drop the second spreadsheet tab next to the primary tab.

image alt text

Viewing in Separate Windows

To view spreadsheets in separate windows, right-click the tab of an open spreadsheet and select Open in a new browser tab.

image alt text

Collapsing Side Panels

If you need more space in the main editor to view multiple spreadsheets, collapse each of the side panels. Click the double arrows to collapse a panel.

image alt text

Collapsed panels appear as a vertical list of icons. Clicking on any of the icons or the double arrows reopens the panels.