Spreadsheet Templates

If you find yourself re-creating a spreadsheet identically or with small changes, you may benefit from using a template. With templates, you can create documents that are populated with information, formatting, and sheets that match your needs. While you cannot link from a template, you can do so from a document created from a template.

Creating a Template

To create a new spreadsheet template, open the spreadsheet you’d like to use as a base. Make sure your template contains only information you want to reuse. All data in the template will be duplicated in documents which use this template. Once the spreadsheet is ready, click Save As and choose Template, then name your new template.

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Once you’ve created your template, you can edit it at any time in the future. This will not change documents created prior to your edits, but all documents created from that template in the future will include your changes.

Using a Template

After you’ve created a template, you can quickly and easily create a new spreadsheet using your template.

To create a spreadsheet based on your template, click Create in Home. Hover over Workbook, then click Spreadsheet from Template to choose the desired template. After choosing your template, click Create and a tab will open with your new document, populated based on your template.

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