Creating and Importing Spreadsheets

There are three ways to get started with Spreadsheets:

  • Synchronize an external Excel document using Wdesk Sync (the most common method, covered in Wdesk sync for Spreadsheets )
  • Create a new spreadsheet from scratch in Wdesk
  • Import a .CSV file

This article covers the two latter methods.

Creating a Spreadsheet

To create an empty Spreadsheet from scratch in Wdesk Home, click Create, select Workbook, then click Spreadsheet. Wdesk will open your new Spreadsheet. You can also create a new Spreadsheet using the Create button in the File menu of the window or tab where you already have a Spreadsheet open.

You can create a pre-populated spreadsheet using a template by choosing Spreadsheet from Template, then choosing the appropriate template.

image alt text

Importing a .CSV File

To import an existing .CSV file into Spreadsheets, on the File tab of your Wdesk Spreadsheets window, click the Import button. Browse to the .CSV file and select it.

To import an .XLSX file, first save the file as a .CSV file and then follow these instructions.

image alt text

The Import wizard will give you a choice to import to a new Spreadsheet in a new tab or to add a new sheet in the existing Spreadsheet. If you’ve selected values in a sheet, you can replace values in the current sheet with the ones from the .CSV.

image alt text

Once you’ve selected the appropriate method, click the Import button. Wdesk will complete the import process.