Mass Grants

At times, you may need to perform an identical Form 4 acquisition for multiple account members. In this situation, you can use Mass Grants to perform these transactions for multiple users at once.

Setting Up a Mass Grant

  1. To begin setting up a mass grant, navigate to the Filers tab in Section 16. From the list of users, select all the members that will receive the grant, then select Create Mass Grant from the More menu at the top of the member list.

    image alt text

  2. You can also create a mass grant through the Forms tab by going to the Mass Grants list and clicking New Mass Grant. This method will prompt you to select the users involved in the transaction after clicking the button.

  3. Next, you'll be prompted to state the Grant Type, derivative or non-derivative. Derivative grants require price information while non-derivative do not, but both types will require information to be entered detailing the transaction. image alt text

  4. As shown above, you will need to enter information such as the grant name, grant date, security and underlying security, ownership form, and more. Non-derivative transactions will not display fields for Conversion or Exercise Price, Date Exercisable, or Expiration Date. Once you've entered the necessary information, click Finish to proceed. NOTE: The security and underlying security cannot be the same. Clicking Finish while they are the same will prompt you to change one of them.

  5. On this page, you can enter the details of the mass grant transaction. Any change made to the transaction at the top of the page will be applied to the individual transactions shown below. You can also add reporting owners at this stage from the More menu at the top of the page. image alt text

  6. However, changes made to a specific transaction below will take priority over changes made to the transaction at the top. This can be useful if you have several similar transactions that differ only in certain areas, such as number of shares.

  7. Once your transaction data is complete, click Create Forms at the top of the page to finish your Mass Grant. If an affected member has unfiled forms, you will be presented with the option to append the unfiled transactions to the new mass grant form for that member. If you have no pending forms for any of the selected members, you will not receive this prompt. image alt text

  8. After completing your mass grant, you will find individual forms for the new transactions under the Forms tab.

Removing a Mass Grant

If you'd like to remove a mass grant, you may do so by going to the Mass Grants list under the Forms tab. From here, click Delete, then confirm to remove the grant. Any stock added through the deleted grant will immediately be removed.

Editing a Mass Grant Name

If you'd like to update the name of a mass grant, you can navigate to the Mass Grants listing under the Forms tab and click Edit to the right of the grant you'd like to edit. Enter the grant's new name and click Save to complete the name change.

Copying a Mass Grant

Some occasions may call for reusing information from a previous mass grant. In these situations, you can copy a mass grant to create new forms using the information from the copied grant.

To do so, open the More menu on the Mass Grants tab and select Copy. You will be brought to the transaction details screen, where previous mass grant information will already be entered. Transaction information can be edited normally, allowing you to create pre-populated forms that can be edited as necessary.