Managing Owners and Issuers

As you work with Section 16, you will need to add reporting owners and issuers for a company to complete transactions.

Managing Reporting Owners

To add a reporting owner to your account, click the Filers tab to view the existing reporting owners. Click Add Reporting Owner to open the wizard, and complete the fields as prompted to add a new reporting owner. You can delete or deactivate a reporting owner by choosing the appropriate option from the More menu to the right of that owner's name. A deactivated reporting owner's information will be maintained but will not be available for transactions.

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Managing Issuers

To add an issuer, use the Add Issuer option under the Filers tab and the Reporting Owners sub-tab. Choose Add Issuer under the More drop-down. You'll need the issuer’s CIK Number, the name of the individual, and the ticker symbol for the company.

Most companies will only have one issuer, but this option for adding additional issuers is available if needed. You can edit the information for the issuer with the pencil icon on the far right. If you need to delete an issuer, choose the More drop-down on the far right and then Delete. Please note that deleting an issuer will delete everything for that issuer including reporting owners, holdings, supporting documents, signatures, securities, and footnotes.

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