Managing Libraries

Footnotes Library

To add a footnote, navigate to the Footnotes list under the Libraries tab and click on the green button labeled Add Footnote. This will bring up a window where you can enter the text for your footnote, choose a label if available, and click Finish when you're done.

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Securities Library

To add a security, find the Securities sub-tab under Libraries and click on the Add Security button. If you have multiple issuers, you'll need to pick which issuer is associated with the security as well as enter its name, then click Add Security. If you ever need to remove an existing security, you can simply click the Delete button next to the security's name on the main listing.

Aside from adding and removing securities, you also have the ability to merge existing securities into one. Simply check the boxes next to the securities you'd like to merge, then choose Merge Selected Securities from the More button at the top of the Securities listing. Any unfiled forms involving the merged securities will be updated as appropriate. Please note that a merger can not be undone.

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Signatures Library

You can put electronic signatures on file for use in forms through the Signatures tab, under Libraries. Simply click the Add Signature button, enter the signature in the format you'd like it to appear on the form in, choose a reporting owner, and decide if this signature should have power of attorney.

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Copying an imported form can also create a signature automatically, and you can also create a new signature while editing a form.

Supporting Documents Library

You can upload supporting documents to your Wdesk library through the Supporting Documents sub-tab. Simply click the Upload Supporting Documents button, choose the type of document you'd like to upload, then add a short description of the file and choose if you'd like to associate the document with a specific Reporting Owner. Next, click browse to find the file on your computer then click Upload to add the file to your library.

You can also create a plain-text document using the Create Supporting Document option. Clicking this button will prompt you to identify the document type, name the document, choose whether to associate it with a Reporting Owner, then enter the text of the document.

You can also preview supporting documents that have been added to the supporting documents library. To preview a supporting document, simply select the supporting document description from the list in the supporting document library. To return to the list, click Supporting Documents at the top of the preview.

NOTE: Supporting documents should not have names longer than 255 characters, as per SEC standards. Supported file types include .TXT, .HTM, .JPG, or .GIF.

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To remove a document, simple click the Delete button to the right of the file you'd like removed and confirm your choice.

Reviewers Library

In the Reviewers sub-tab, you can add reviewers to your account and associate them with reporting owners. These reviewers will receive a PDF copy of any form sent out with the Email Form feature, provided that they are associated with the owner listed on that form.

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From this tab, you can also edit existing reviewers to modify their name, email, or the owners they are associated with.