Deactivate a Holding

Purpose of Deactivating Holdings

As a filer's list of holdings grows, you may need to hide some to increase visibility of others. Making extraneous holdings inactive will allow you hide holdings that will not be added to new forms, while still allowing them to be edited on existing unfiled forms.

To make a holding inactive, you must first access the holdings list of the member owning the holding you'd like to make inactive. You can do this by clicking the Filers tab and selecting the appropriate name from the Reporting Owners list.

Viewing Inactive Holdings

From the holdings list, expand the More menu to the right of the holding you'd like to deactivate, then select Deactivate. This will move the holding from the main holdings list into the Inactive Holdings list, viewable by choosing View Inactive Holdings from the More menu at the top of the Holdings list.

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Inactive holdings cannot be added to new forms, but any existing unfiled transaction involving the inactive holding can be edited normally. Attempting to add a new active holding that would duplicate an existing inactive holding will produce an error.

To reactivate an inactive holding, simply view the Inactive Holdings list and click Activate to the right of the holding name.

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