Attaching Supporting Documents

As you file a form through Section 16, you may find that you need to include other documents with your form to complete your filing. The Wdesk Section 16 application allows you to include a multitude of documents with your filings, as well as allowing you to reuse and update previously-used documents without having to recreate them.

Supporting Documents Library

Before attaching supporting documents to your form for filing, you should ensure that your documents have been uploaded to your supporting document library.

Attaching to Forms

Once your documents are uploaded, you can proceed to attach them to your forms. In the Wdesk Section 16 solution, supporting documents are attached to a form during the filing process.

In the filing process, attaching supporting documents to forms comes after you've selected which forms you'd like to file. From the filing screen, open the More menu to the right of the form you'd like to attach documents to and select Edit Supporting Document List. If your supporting document has not been uploaded, you can also choose to upload it from this menu.

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Choosing Edit Supporting Document List will open a window listing all documents in your supporting document library. From this list, you can check the box next to any document's name to include it when filing the associated form. Once you've selected all the documents you'd like to include, click Save to return to the filing screen.

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Adding Power of Attorney Documents

Power of Attorney forms can be added to Section 16 forms in several ways. We'll look at how to add Power of Attorney forms from the Libraries tab. Under the Libraries tab, go to the Supporting Documents sub-tab and choose Create Supporting Document. Select Power of Attorney, Exhibit 24 from the drop-down list in the Create Supporting Document dialog box.

Then you can add a description and choose whether or not to Associate with a Reporting Owner. Now you can type or paste the document text in the available text box. Supporting documents are restricted to .txt, .htm, .jpg, and .gif. If you upload a document as a .jpg or .gif, you will need to have a .htm version for your filing. You can also choose the checkbox to Include this Supporting Document in all filings for the selected Reporting Owner(s).

You can also add a Power of Attorney when you create a new signature for a reporting owner. Go to the Signatures section on the right. You can edit an existing signature by choosing the Edit icon and then choosing the checkbox. You can also add a Power of Attorney when you Edit a Signature or Add Signature.

If you want to add a Power of Attorney during filing, go to Forms > Unfiled Forms and choose the form to file. Choose File Selected Forms from the drop-down menu. In the filing interface, choose Edit Supporting Document from the More drop-down menu. Now you can choose to add a new Power of Attorney.

If you want to maintain your original formatting when adding a Power of Attorney, you will need to upload the form through Wdesk in order to create an .htm format. Go to the project panel on the right and choose Upload New File. Browse to find the Power of Attorney document in a .jpg, .gif or .pdf format and choose Save. An EDGAR Compliance Check will be performed for the file name and you may need to choose to Accept Name Change or Keep Current Name.

Once the file is in your project, right click and choose EDGARize Presentation. This will create an .htm file that can be downloaded to your desktop and subsequently uploaded to Section 16 to use as a supporting document.

Filing Screen Display

If you are filing multiple forms, repeat this process as necessary until all forms have their proper supporting documents. Including supporting documents for one form will not include them in any other filing, even when filing multiple forms at once - ensure that all forms have the appropriate supporting documents before proceeding to file. The filing screen will display the number of attachments each form has to assist you with this.